General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Ștefan Ilie
Corneliu Petrică
Total population: 
65 624
Roma living in the Municipality: 
3 500
Description of the Municipality: 

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Tulcea is the administrative center of Tulcea County, and had a population of 65,624 as of 2021. One village, Tudor Vladimirescu, is administered by the city.

There are 6 Roma communities in Tulcea, Neptun, Plugarilor, Carierei, Pichet, Dallas, Libertății, with around 3.500 community members.
The Roma population in Tulcea is diverse with several ethnic groups, from boilermakers, bearers, silversmiths, spoitors and even the Horahai (Turkish Roma).
Most community members are faced with issues such as : absenteeism and school dropout, unemployment, precarious housing conditions, lack of property/rental documents and poor infrastructure. 
Permanent or temporary migration has been quite important in Tulcea in the past years. 

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT Process started in April 2023 with the signature of the Letter of Agreement. 

Timeline Points

26 Apr 2023
Step 1- Becoming committed- Signature of the letter of agreement
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