Romact Resources

The ROMACT Handbook

A manual for Mayors, Local Administrations and Roma wanting to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged Roma.
This handbook describes the method of the ROMACT Programme. Although it is focused on the inclusion of marginalised Roma, it is also relevant for other vulnerable people.
Applying the ROMACT process will lead to positive change for the entire municipality. 

Council of Europe tools on Good Governance

The development and promotion of innovative capacity-building tools is among the priorities of the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance. These tools take inspiration from the best of European practice and enable the reinforcement and evaluation of local authorities’ capacities in a variety of areas.

Initial developments in the CLLD approach in 9 urban communities in Romania

The report looked at the way in which the CLLD approach was prepared for in these communities, in particular whether community involvement was real, when the implementation phase began, and the challenges that the local public authorities encountered.

ROMACT Guide on social housing awarding criteria for local authorities in Romania

This guide comes in support of the local authorities in Romania  to better understand the social housing allocation methodology and to promote the prevention of discriminatory policies in access to housing.

Other Resources

Handbook for Improving the Living Conditions of Roma - updated version (source: World Bank & European Commission)

This handbook provides practical advice to local authorities and civil society organizations that prepare and implement interventions to improve the living conditions of Roma, using European, national, or local funds.

Guidance on Community-led Local Development (CLLD) for local actors (source: European Commission)

Community-led local development (CLLD) is an approach to territorial development where local actors work in partnership to design and implement their own strategies in order to meet development needs in their area.

Guidance on European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020 Thematic Guidance Fiche: Roma and Marginalised Communities (Thematic objective 9 - Social Inclusion and Poverty)

Since 2010 the European Commission has continuously kept Roma integration high on the political agenda. The Commission put into place a comprehensive set of legal, policy and financial measures, to ensure that the fundamental rights of all EU citizens, including Roma, are effectively promoted and protected.

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