BG- Analysis of the draft Integrated Territorial Strategies for the Development of Level 2 Planning Regions in Bulgaria to find out their relevance to the needs of the local Roma communities

The National Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria for Equality, Inclusion and Participation of the Roma (2021 - 2030) states that the integration of the Roma community for the period 2021-2027 will be implemented throughout three approaches: targeted, mainstream and territorial. The territorial approach, according to the Strategy, will be implemented through "Integrated Territorial Investments - ITI" in Level 2 regions and the "Community-Led Local Development - CLLD" approach. The document highlights the importance of the two territorial approaches for the realization of specific objective 8 of the ESF+ Regulation: "Promoting the socio-economic integration of marginalized communities such as the Roma", as well the opportunity for funding local measures in places "that have the greatest need in relation to the specific profile of the population of the respective territory".

This report aims to establish the level of cohesion between the objectives and measures of the six integrated territorial development strategies/ITDS/ of the level 2 regions within which the ITI will be implemented, and the identified needs, priorities and measures of the Roma communities from municipalities included in the ROMACT Programme.

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