General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Silviu Negraru
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Petronela Sturz, head of projects department
Poliana Catalin
Total population: 
14 312
National Statistics Institute 2016
Roma living in the Municipality: 
2 170
Description of the Municipality: 

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Mizil is a small town in South-East part Prahova County that includes Fefelei village. It is well connected to Ploiesti and Buzau by road and railroad.
After massive economic restructuring from early 1990s, Mizil gives signs of development, with companies producing furniture, textile, and food.  The town is  also a vineyard center for Dealu Mare Vineyards.  
There are 3 Roma communities: Spoitori, Ursari and laiesi. Unofficial number of Roma inhabitants is about 2900.
 The biggest community lives in the north-western part of the city adn has a poor access to water/sewerage/asphalt/electricity . Another part of the Roma population lives in the center of the town while the rest lives on the road to Buzau.

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT process started in November 2018 with the signature of the Letter of Agreement.
The Taskforce for Roma Inclusion was created in July 2019. 
The Local Action Plan for Roma Inclusion (2020-2023) was adopted in January 2020.

Several training were provided:
Local Authorities representatives were trained/coached on :
* EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021
* Project management (vocational training)

Timeline Points

26 Nov 2018
Step 1- Becoming Commited- Signature of the letter of agreement
31 Jul 2019
Creation of Taskforce
29 Jan 2020
Step 3- Translating priorities into measures- Local Action Plan adopted by City Council
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