General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Gheorghe Vacaru
Corneliu Petrica
Total population: 
8 245
Roma living in the Municipality: 
Description of the Municipality: 

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Măcin is located in the north-western part of the Northern Dobruja region, in Tulcea County.  
According to Tulcea County Office for Roma, there are about 1500 Roma living in two different communities in Măcin. 

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT started in March 2020 with the signature of the Letter of agreement.

The Joint Action Plan for Roma inclusion was unanimously adopted by the Local Council in September 2021. 

Local Authorities representatives were trained/coached on:

* Project management (certified training)
* Public procurement (certified training)
* Inclusive education
* Human trafficking awareness
* Informal settlements & housing
* Crisis Management in COVID-19 context
* Application and implementation of ROMACT small grants

ROMACT Small Grants Scheme

ROMACT offers small grants scheme to support the efforts of the municipalities and Community Action Groups to respond together to the needs of the most vulnerable and to multiply the good practices across ROMACT municipalities.
Under the scheme of small grants, the following project was supported by ROMACT between December 2020 - April 2021:
The joy of reading & Stop in the world of knowledge - Macin Municipality

ROMACT supported the municipality with 4858 €, reaching 150 students in the Roma community with the project of “The joy of reading – Stop in the world of knowledge”. The project increased the involvement of the Romani students in the social development of the community and emphasized the primary role of reading in personal development. The procurement of a gazebo with a housetop and speakers, chairs, books, board games created the environment for students to attend in reading and debating topics based on texts.

Exercise and healthy eating for a balanced life – Macin Gheorge Banea Primary School
ROMACT supported the school with 5000€, reaching 1476 students from vulnerable families, including Roma. The project covered a variety of activities specifically designed for the physical and mental wellbeing and development of children. The activities included sports competitions, dance sessions, healthy eating sessions and presenting good examples of well-known Roma people in sports and education. Students also received consultation on the importance of healthy eating habits combined with sports. The project contributed to an increased confidence and awareness in students through demonstration of good practices needed for a balanced and healthy life.

Spațiu de lectură cu scenă unde copiii interpretează poveștile citite, amenajat într-un fost laborator la o școală primară din Măcin


Timeline Points

17 Mar 2020
Step 1- Becoming Committed- Signature of the letter of agreement
30 Sep 2021
Step 3- Translating priorities into measures. Joint Action Plan for Roma inclusion adopted by the Local Council
26 Jun 2022
End of ROMACT Process
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