General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Mr Gheorghe Valentin Rotar
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Ms Livia Muresan, Deputy Mayor
Ciprian Bogdan
Total population: 
20 630
National census 2011
Roma living in the Municipality: 
1 706
Description of the Municipality: 

Blaj lies at the confluence of the two Târnava Rivers, in a wine-growing region.
There are 3 main /large Roma communities in Blaj that are Ciufud Community, Barbu Lautaru Community and Veza Community.  
According to the national census in 2011 – Blaj Municipality has the higher rate of the Roma people in the Alba County. 1706 people are declared Roma which mean more than 8% of the total population.
Most of the communities have access to basic infrastructure such as: water, sewerage, electricity.
Blaj is faced with a particular high rate of school dropout.

Timeline Points

7 Jul 2016
Step 1- Becoming Commited- Signature of the letter of commitment
22 Oct 2016
Step 2- Agreeing on needs and plans- Community priorities list finalised
29 Nov 2016
Step 3- Translating priorities into measures- Joint Action Plan for Roma inclusion adopted by City Council
24 Mar 2017
Creation of Taskforce
29 Mar 2018
End of ROMACT process
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