General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Ivan Asparuhov
Alexandra Raykova
Total population: 
20 838
Administration of Mezdra municipality
Roma living in the Municipality: 
2 000
Description of the Municipality: 

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Mezdra municipality is located in north-west Bulgaria, in the Vratsa Province. It administers a total of 26 town and villages. 
Roma are located in eight neighbourhoods in Mezdra municipality, in Mezdra (town), Moravitsa, Dolna Kremena,  Brusen, Eliseyna , Krapets, Rebarkovo, Zverino. 
Most Roma living in Mezdra Municipality belongs to the Dasikane and Kaldarashi sub-groups and speak both Romani and Bulgarian language. 

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT started in March 2020 with the signature of the Letter of agreement.

Timeline Points

13 Mar 2020
Step 1- Becoming Committed- Signature of the letter of agreement
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