General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Mr. Kalin Kalapankov
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Mrs. Stoyna Maleshkova - Secretary of the Municipality
Mr. Yuksel Yasharov
Total population: 
6 538
Roma living in the Municipality: 
1 358
Description of the Municipality: 

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The municipality of Brezovo is located in Southwestern Bulgaria and is part of the administrative district of Plovdiv. It is adjacent to the municipalities of Rakovski, Kaloyanovo, Karlovo, Pavel Banya and Bratya Daskalovi. The municipality of Brezovo includes 16 settlements. The town of Brezovo is the administrative center of the municipality.
 According to official data, the Roma population is 21% of the total population of the municipality. They live in separate neighborhoods and are concentrated in the town of Brezovo and the villages of Borets, Drangovo, Choba and Padarsko.

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT Process started in March 2023 with the signature of the Letter of Agreement.

The Taskforce for Roma inclusion was created following Mayor's approval in July 2023.

Trainings provided by ROMACT experts :

Local Authorities (LA):
* Social and Emotional Development and Language Culture through Lego Education

Articles :
ROMACT Programme celebrates International ROMA Day 2024 | ROMACT (

Timeline Points

6 Mar 2023
Step 1- Becoming committed- Signature of the letter of agreement
14 Jul 2023
Creation of the Municipal Taskforce for Roma Inclusion
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