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ROMACT-International Roma Day 2021

On the occasion of the International Roma Day, ROMACT team is happy to introduce some members of ROMACT Community Action Groups from Darmanesti, Ulmeni and Toplita, Romania. 

From shanty to social housing- ROMACT in Iernut, Romania

In Iernut, ROMACT experts supported municipal staff to prepare project proposals but also ensured the consultation process with vulnerable community members, including the Roma. 
6 social housing blocks are under construction!

ROMACT review of available EU funding for 2021-2027

ROMACT Romanian team reviewed the objectives and indicative allocation set in the Partnership Agreement for 2021-2027 for each Operational Programme and compiled the information for the use of local authorities staff and relevant stakeholders. 

Building bridge(s) in Blaj, Romania

2 years after the end of ROMACT process in Blaj, we are still getting news about improvements and about the good use of investments made based on the plans and projects developed with the inputs and support of our Programme. Among the measures implemented from Blaj Municipal Action Plan for Roma Inclusion, the most symbolic one is the renovation of the bridge over Târnava river, connecting the Roma community settlement with the rest of the city.

Toolkit on Possible solutions for informal settlements

The toolkit is a working tool for local authorities to identify appropriate solutions for informal settlements, with the support of the directly concerned marginalised communities.

Call for proposals for purchasing evaluation services for the joint EC/CoE ROMACT Programme

The Council of Europe is currently implementing the ROMACT Programme until 31 May 2021. In that context, it is looking for a Provider for the provision of evaluation services of the ROMACT Programme. (See Section A of the Act of Engagement and Appendix I of this tender file).

This evaluation concerns the ROMACT Programme, with focus on the implementation aspects of its methodological process and interventions for capacity building at local level. ROMACT is a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission with the main aim to promote the social inclusion of marginalized Roma communities at local level.

ROMACT small grants scheme during COVID19 pandemic

During this period, ROMACT is adapting its small grants scheme to support the efforts of the municipalities and of the Community Action Groups to respond together to the needs of the most vulnerable. The 46 small projects under ROMACT small grants are expected to reach around 30,000 people with supplies and more than 50,000 people with concrete information on how to cope better and stay safe during this time of unprecedented crisis.

Soluțiile localităților partenere ROMACT de a limita impactul crizei generate de COVID19 asupra comunităților de romi

De cele mai multe ori percepute de către cetățeni ca având cel mai mare impact asupra condițiilor lor de viață, autoritățile locale sunt în prima linie de luptă împotriva pandemiei generate de COVID19. În vreme ce o parte dintre localitățile partenere ROMACT au luat deja măsuri pentru limitarea impactului infecției asupra cetățenilor, Programul ROMACT se pregătește și el pentru a sprijini eforturile autorităților locale și a Grupurilor de Acțiune Comunitară de a răspunde nevoilor celor mai vulnerabili.
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