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ROMACT T.C.C working visits have started in Maramures County, Romania.

A team of representatives of  Métropole européenne de Lille, France, and mandated partners such as AFEJI et l’Aréas is visiting Ponorata and Coroieni municipalities to initiate a transnational collaboration with the local authorities and local nongovernmental organization ASSOC - Baia Mare

First lessons and pathways to the future: the first ROMACT TCC networking meeting in Munich

Launched in 2016, ROMACT T.C.C. (ROMACT Transnational Cooperation Component) is a new component of the ROMACT Programme that focuses on the cooperation between municipalities from or to which movements of marginalised populations occur, with a focus on Roma.

A home for Simona (Alesd, Romania): latest developments

 The foundation of the house is now complete, and a local priest will provide all the bricks needed for the construction.

Simona’s house in Alesd, Romania under construction

Simona and her children couldn’t have gone through another winter in the cottage they called home.

Romania – school transport fees for children to be covered by the government

The Romanian Government has recently approved a new measure meant to encourage children to stay in school, in particular children coming from the most disadvantaged families.

Vaccination and information campaigns initiated by CAGs in Romania

The vaccination and information campaigns address health-related priorities that were identified by the CAG and this action demonstrates that the Roma community can be engaged and mobilised with tangible results achieved.

Community Action Group mobilises Roma community for cleaning action in Turda, Romania

Rubber gloves, boots, shovels, and other necessary materials were provided by the ROMACT Romania National Support Team while the municipality of Turda provided logistical support, providing collection and disposal of the garbage gathered during the day.

Community Action Group in Alesd, Romania, starts "A home for Simona" campaign

The idea was initated by the Community Action Group (CAG) in Alesd and put into practice with the support of the ROMACT Romania National Support Team.

Romania – Extension of deadline for applications for POCU 4.1

These call for projects are financed under the specific objectives 4.1 Local Integrated Development in marginalized communities with a Roma minority and 4.2 Local Integrated Development in marginalized communities.


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