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Call for tenders for ROMACT National Facilitators’ Coordinators in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline- 27 February 2018

The National Facilitators’ Coordinator will undertake an organizational and coordination function, will act as a conduit between facilitators and ensure effective implementation of activities by facilitators.

Call for tenders for ROMACT National Project Officers in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline- 27 February 2018

The National Project Officer will undertake a coordination function , act as a conduit between national, regional and local authorities, National Facilitators’ Coordinator, Facilitators and Roma communities and will work to ensure effective cooperation between these different stakeholders.

ROMACT achievements in a Snapshot

Since October 2013 until July 2017, ROMACT has been implemented in 123 municipalities, generating over 25 000000 € through inclusive projects for approx. 65 000 beneficiaries, with an average investment of 25 000 € per municipality per year.

Municipalities in Romania are benefiting from the Human Capital 2014-2020 Grants Programme

Sighisoara, Marasesti, Tarnaveni and Vulcan have recently been notified that they were successful in their bids under the European Social Fund’s Human Capital Grants.

Expert Training in Public Procurement held in Buzau, Romania

“I really learned things that I can apply, and while this was a challenging course, the trainer was able to answer all of our questions well.”

Community trainings have started to ensure ROMACT process sustainability in Romania

Community empowerment and mobilisation are the main focus of these workshops . During the training participants shared their perception of what constitutes a developed community. “I was impressed by the exercise” stated Sorin Meghesan, Mayor of Tarnaveni.

A home for Simona (Alesd, Romania): the construction is now finished

Good news for Simona and her family: the construction of their new house is now complete, and the house is connected to electricity and water.

Call for tenders for ROMACT National Facilitators in Romania - Deadline - 17 February 2017

The Facilitator will undertake a facilitating function in relation to the implementation of the project activities at municipal level in his/her respective country.


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