A home for Simona (Alesd, Romania): latest developments

Since our last update on 8 November, new developments took place in Alesd for Simona’s house. The foundation of the house is now complete, and a local priest will provide all the bricks needed for the construction. Thanks to the mobilization, a construction company also offered to do the insulation of the building, the walls plastering and to set up all the electrical system. The Municipality of Alesd will be in charge of building the roof of the house and the ROMACT Community Action Group offered to continue volunteering on the construction site until Simona’s home is finally completed. ROMACT in Alesd Photo Gallery
With the money donated so far, the ROMACT N-W Romania  team will buy furniture, a stove and other needed supplies in the house. Until today, 1 300 euros were collected out of the estimated 10 000 needed.
Contributions are still needed. Please see the link to the campaign here.

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