Call for tenders for ROMACT National Facilitators in Romania - Deadline - 17 February 2017

Within the framework of the Joint European Commission and Council of Europe ROMACT Project, the Council of Europe is organising a call for tenders for National Facilitators in Romania.
The Facilitator will undertake a facilitating function in relation to the implementation of the project activities at municipal level in his/her respective country. In particular, he/she will act as a conduit between Roma communities on one hand, and the Municipal authorities on the other hand, and will work to ensure effective implementation of activities in one or more municipalities, as applicable.

For all information on this call and details on the procedure please refer to the documents below.
Tender fileAct of Engagement

General information can be found on the website of the Council of Europe: . Questions regarding this specific tendering procedure shall be sent at the latest one week before the deadline for submissions of tenders, in English or French, and shall be exclusively sent to the following address:
To ensure the transparency of the process, the list of received questions and answers can be found below.

Questions and Answers

I am currently going through a judicial procedure and until a court decision my assets are frozen as a guarantee in relation to this trial.
This is a temporary situation and I am not sure if it can be interpreted as “a situation of bankruptcy, liquidation, termination of activity, insolvency or arrangement with creditors or any like situation arising from a procedures of the same kind, or subject to the procedures of the same kind” and does this prevent me from applying?
We consider that there is nothing to prevent you from tendering at the present, as you are going through the judiciary process and at this moment there is no court decision. However, please note that if you are selected, we would need to reassess your situation at that moment, before signing a contract with you.


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