Call for tenders for events management in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline: 14 February 2022

Within the framework of the Joint European Commission and Council of Europe ROMACT Programme, the Council of Europe is organising a call for tenders for the provision of events management in  Bulgaria (2021AO84) and Romania (2021AO83).

This call concerns the concerns the provision of accommodation, meeting room packages, catering, reimbursement of travel costs, printing, visibility services, and sanitation and health protection material against COVID-19.
For all information on this call and details on the procedure please refer to the documents below.
Bulgaria: Tender file – Act of Engagement - Appendices 1( Accomodation) , 2 (Meeting ) , 3 (Catering), 4 (Travel) , 5 (Printing, Publications)
Romania: Tender file – Act of Engagement- Appendices 1( Accomodation) , 2 (Meeting ) , 3 (Catering), 4 (Travel) , 5 (Printing, Publications, Other services)

Deadline for applying: 14 February 2022

Questions and answers- Call 2021AO84- Call 2021AO83

Call 2021AO84 Question 1:  "Copy of the audited financial statements of the company, or any equivalent document, for the past three years (profit and loss account)";
Please, specify which past three years do you mean
The past three years are 2019, 2020 and 2021.
Call 2021AO84 Question 2: "That the Tenderer is in a state of liquidity (the ratio of Average Current assets / Current liabilities from 2015-2018 must be equal or greater than 1)"
Please, specify If you need audited financial statements for the past three years why do you need a state of liquidity for the period 2015 – 2018.
Please read “Current liabilities from 2019-2021 must be equal or greater than 1”.
Call 2021AO84 - Call 2021AO83 - Reimbursement of travel expenses: could you please confirm it is possible to refund participants via bank transfers?
For Bulgaria, participants will be refunded in cash.
For Romania, participants will be refunded via bank transfer.
Call 2021AO84 - Call 2021AO83 Appendix 1 Accommodation: please precise low and high season to avoid any misunderstanding
For Bulgaria, high season is 30 December – 10 January, Easter holidays and 15 July- 31 August and national days. 
For Romania, high season is 20 December- 2 January, Easter holidays and 15 July- 31 August and national days. 
Call 2021AO84 - Call 2021AO83 - Appendix 2 Meeting : could you please precise if price to be filled in for "Meeting room up to 30 persons" and "Meeting room up to 60 persons" should be a ceiling price and event company will charge Council of Europe the real price and add its Handling fee for meeting packages for event management?
Prices included in a Framework contract are fixed and will be applied for the entire duration of the contract.
Call 2021AO84 - Call 2021AO83 Could you please precise how financial offers will be compared? What is the formula?
The formula that will be applied consists of giving the maximum number of points to the best financial offer, e.g. 5 out of 5. The score of other offers shall be calculated by dividing the amount of the best offer by the amount of the offer under consideration, and to multiply the result by the maximum number of points.

For a score out of 5: Score = 5 x Co/Ouc
being the total amount of the Cheapest Offer
Ouc being the total amount of the Offer under consideration

Offers     Amount proposed        Score         Formula
Offer#1    6000                                2,91/5          = 5 x 3500/6000
Offer#2    3500                                5/5               5 = Cheapest offer
Offer#3    43503,6                           2/5              = 5 x 3500/4350
Call 2021AO83 -You request the following document: “A valid copy of accreditation / certification authority” Do we need to provide a specific document?
Yes. It appears in the list of documents to be provided.
Call 2021AO83 - A service related to obtaining the following certificate is indicated: "A valid copy of accreditation / certification authority".
However, this document must also be present in the application file. Can you specify what you expect from this service?
The Romanian National Qualifications Authority (ANC) is a public institution with legal personality. It is responsible for developing and managing the National Qualifications Framework, the National Register of Qualifications and the National Register of providers of vocational training for adults.  
Upon validation of the training (including written examination), accredited organisations are entitled to provide nationally recognised professional certificates to the participants.
Call 2021AO83 – “Upon request, the Service Provider will be responsible for the provision of certification of professional competences. The tenderers are invited to indicate in their financial offer a handling fee for Romanian National Authority for Qualifications (ANC - Autoritatea Națională pentru CALIFICARI) certified examination and Accreditation.”
-             Is the tenderer required to work with an Authorised Centre?
-             Is the tenderer required to have its own trainers (certified professionals)?
The tenderer should be licensed by the National Qualifications Authority, to deliver educational programs and to award the following certifications:

  • Project manager
  • Public Procurement expert
  • Expert in accessing structural and cohesion funds

Certified trainers shall be chosen within ROMACT pool of experts and contracted by Council of Europe directly.

Call 2021AO83 - Is service provider expected to manage and handle the process for the participants certification of professional competences with the Romanian National Authority for Qualifications?


Call 2021AO84 - Call 2021AO83 - When we offering the price for event supervisor & conference technical (per person), is it "per participant" (e.g. 25 participants x ..the price given) or "per technical person"? (e.g. 1 technical person x the price given)?

The price to be indicated is per supervisor/technician.

Call 2021AO84 - Call 2021AO83In appendices, should handling fee be expressed in percentage or absolute value?

Handling fees should be expressed in percentage.

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