Call for tenders for consultants in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline: 15 November 2021

Within the framework of the Joint European Commission and Council of Europe ROMACT Programme, the Council of Europe is organising a call for tenders for consultants in Bulgaria and Romania.

Consultants will support the implementation of ROMACT Programme by providing consultancy services on various topics:
Social/Roma inclusion and Child Protection; 
Planning & management.

For all information on this call and details on the procedure please refer to the documents below.
Bulgaria: Tender file – Act of Engagement
Romania: Tender file – Act of Engagement

Deadline for applying: 15 November 2021

Questions and answers: 

Q: I would like to ask if I need a certified digital signature in order to send my tender proposal or can I scan the signed on hand documents and send them to you?
A: You can sign the documents and send them to us, we do not request a certified signature.

Q: Another question that I have is about the file format for the motivation letter? Should it be in Pdf format?
A: You can send the motivation letter in word format or in PDF. 
Q:  When I fill in the unit fee: Should it be based on the per-diem rates of the CE and EU for Bulgaria for 2020?
A: The unit fee should not include per-diem. 

Q:  My last question is in regards to the referees: Do we need letters of reference or just contact information of the proposed referees?
A: As per tender file, we request to receive  "3 (three) referees' contact details".

Q: Does the fee correlates to the country or it is an universal standard for the EU and the CE?
A: We do not apply the standard you are referring to. The fees should correspond to those practiced in the country and be in line with the work expected to be performed.


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