From shanty to social housing- ROMACT in Iernut, Romania

ROMACT was implemented in Iernut between June 2017 and February 2019.

Together with ROMACT support, the Community Action Group (CAG) and the Municipality finalized an Action Plan for Roma Inclusion that was adopted by the Local Council in November 2017.

Following this adoption, ROMACT team supported the implementation of the document through training and coaching of the municipality staff and the CAG.
In Iernut, ROMACT expertise was crucial in the preparation of proposals related to social housing. Improving municipality staff project management capacity while ensuring a proper consultation process with vulnerable community members has led to the approval of two projects funded by the Regional Operational Programme and the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development for a total of 7, 5 M €.

Today, 6 housing blocks are under construction.

Laura Catarig, Head of Development Office of Iernut City Hall recounts the different steps of that success. 

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