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ROMACT Municipalities’ Solutions to Limit COVID19 Crisis Impact on Roma Communities

Often perceived by citizens as the level having the most impact on their living conditions, local authorities are on the forefront on the fight against COVID19 pandemic. While a number of ROMACT municipalities have taken measures to limit the outbreak impact on citizens, the ROMACT Programme is about to support the efforts of the local authorities and of the Community Action Groups to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable.

Call for proposals - grants for ROMACT "support organisations" in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline for applications 31 January 2020

This call for proposals is launched in the framework of the Council of Europe Project ROMACT. It aims to co-fund national projects aimed at assisting National Support Teams with the implementation of the ROMACT methodology in Bulgaria and Romania, with the ultimate aim of building up political will and understanding of Roma inclusion at local level.

ROMACT meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria “Mainstreaming Roma Inclusion Issues into Local and Regional Development"

National Palace of Culture

The event provided an opportunity to discuss, based on the evidence collected from the field by ROMACT experts, the issues encountered at local level with regards to strategic planning and the mainstreaming of social inclusion issues of marginalized Roma communities.

ROMACT event during European Week of Regions and Cities- 11 October 2018

 Bulgarian and Romanian Mayors and experts explained how they overcame these barriers with the support of the ROMACT programme. 

ROMACT TCC- Call for proposals for grants for the organisation of working visits - Deadline 15 July 2018

The Transnational Cooperation and Capacity Building component of the ROMACT programme (ROMACT TCC) aims at assisting local authorities in better integrating marginalised people, in particular non-nationals of Roma ethnicity.

Call for tenders for consultants in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline: 15 March 2018

Consultants will support the implementation of ROMACT Programme by providing consultancy services on various topics.

Call for tenders for ROMACT National Facilitators’ Coordinators in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline- 27 February 2018

The National Facilitators’ Coordinator will undertake an organizational and coordination function, will act as a conduit between facilitators and ensure effective implementation of activities by facilitators.

Call for tenders for ROMACT National Project Officers in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline- 27 February 2018

The National Project Officer will undertake a coordination function , act as a conduit between national, regional and local authorities, National Facilitators’ Coordinator, Facilitators and Roma communities and will work to ensure effective cooperation between these different stakeholders.

Isperih Municipality Results! Monthly Fees have been cancelled for Nurseries and Kindergartens

The Isperih municipality has been participating in the ROMACT programme since 2015 and one of the first actions was to form a patrnership which includes the ROMACT programme team, the municipality administration and the Community Action Group (CAG).  This partnership team was established to ensure that the voice of the Roma community is included in the municipality policy process and it is already yeilding positive results.
During an additional Isperih Municipal Council session on the 28 December 2017, the council considered the Mayor’s direction to discuss the matter of nursery and kindergarten accessibility. The meeting resulted in a unanimous vote to end monthly fees for nursery and kindergarten services to children in the municipality.


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