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Positive dialogue and taking responsibility in Bratsigovo, Bulgaria

Cleaning campaign in Bratsigovo

During the past months, the town witnessed some tensions between the Roma and the non-Roma that led to a point in which a petition was sent to the municipality demanding the removal of some illegal Roma houses. As a result of the dialogue and community actions, the Bulgarian residents in the neighborhood retracted their petition from the municipality.

ROMACT achievements in a Snapshot

Since October 2013 until July 2017, ROMACT has been implemented in 123 municipalities, generating over 25 000000 € through inclusive projects for approx. 65 000 beneficiaries, with an average investment of 25 000 € per municipality per year.

9 Bulgarian ROMACT municipalities will receive support for their projects through Operational Programmes.

Borovan, Boychinovtsi, Isperich, Nickola Kozlevo, Septemvri, Sliven, Sredets, Tundzha and Tvarditsa will therefore be able to implement new measures for the inclusion of vulnerable groups, in particular some of the activities included in their Municipal Action Plans for Roma integration. 

ROMACT TCC- Transnational Working Visit- ISB e.V.(Dortmund) to Plovdiv

Five representatives of ISB.e.V. – Interessengemeinschaft sozialgewerblicher Beschäftigungsinitiativen from Dortmund, Germany visited Sofia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria for a working visit. 

Building blocks to address the challenges ahead. ROMACT in Maglizh. Insight from Liliya Makaveeva*

Community Action Group training on advocacy, August 2016

At the close of the ROMACT programme for Maglizh, are the challenges facing the Roma community in the area solved?  No, sadly, they are not. There is still much to do. However, one must not lose sight of what a positive experience ROMACT has been for Maglizh.

Tundja - Final Meeting and Successful ROMACT Programme Conclusion

The most important result, noted by the municipality, was the creation of the Community Action Group  that actively participated for more than two years to facilitate all betting the implementation of the Municipal Plan for Roma Inclusion.

Call for tenders for ROMACT National Facilitators' Coordinators in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Romania- Deadline- 15 January 2017

The National Facilitators’ Coordinator will undertake an organizational and coordination function, will act as a conduit between facilitators and ensure effective implementation of activities by facilitators.


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