ROMACT process is reinforced in 12 municipalities

"It takes time, you need to be patient” was a recurrent sentence of the local stakeholders when asked about the ROMACT process by the consultants in charge of ROMACT evaluation back in 2021.  
The latter highlighted that longer period of implementation could help the impact and sustainability of the process.

Following that recommendation, ROMACT Programme is now giving the opportunity to former ROMACT municipalities to receive support to reinforce ROMACT process and ensure more sustainability and efficiency.
After the provision of a letter of interest, municipalities are invited to sign a letter of agreement and commit to into a number of responsibilities including to appoint a municipal staff member that will be trained and coached to take over ROMACT facilitator’s tasks at the end of the agreement; and to seek to integrate – where relevant - the content of the Action Plan for Roma Inclusion in the mainstream Local Development Strategy and Plan of the municipality.

In return, ROMACT is providing punctual assistance by a Facilitator and, when required, technical expertise by specialized experts.

Currently, ROMACT process is reinforced in 4 in Bulgaria and 8 municipalities in Romania.

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