Post date: 2022, 20 July
Velingrad is a municipality located in southwestern Bulgaria, in Pazardzhik Province.  Approximately 10% of the population is Roma. For years, 80% of the inhabitants of the Roma neighborhoods of Asphaltova Baza and Anezitsa did not have access to running water and sanitation services. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Community Action Group and the Municipality, with ROMACT support, half of the population of these neighborhoods are now enjoying these basic rights. Video  
Post date: 2020, 22 December
With support of the ROMACT, the Bulgarian city of Botevgrad successfully implemented a project named "Adaptation and Implementation of Social Innovations for Employment of Marginalised Groups through Public Procurement" in partnership with the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland. The project was funded under the procedure “Transnational Partnerships” of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” 2014 – 2020. The common...
Post date: 2017, 13 March
  Out of 10 Bulgarian  municipalities which submitted project concepts under the integrated procedure of Operational Programme Human Resources Development (OPHRD) and Operational Programme Science and Education for Smart Growth (OPSEIG) with the support of ROMACT experts, 9 received approval for funding.   Borovan, Boychinovtsi, Isperich, Nickola Kozlevo, Septemvri, Sliven, Sredets, Tundzha and Tvarditsa will therefore be able to implement new measures for the inclusion of...
Post date: 2017, 13 March
From 13 to 17 March, in the frame of ROMACT Transnational Cooperation Component and Capacity Building (TCC) Programme, a team of 5 representatives of ISB.e.V. – Interessengemeinschaft sozialgewerblicher Beschäftigungsinitiativen from Dortmund, Germany visited Sofia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria for a working visit.  The German delegation first joined the representatives of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues in Sofia to discuss the general framework...
Community Action Group training on advocacy, August 2016
Post date: 2017, 21 February
On the 25th September 2012, the Mayor of Maglizh took decisive action to demolish 34 illegal shanty houses.  The Mayor’s justification for the demolition of the homes was that they were built without any regard for municipal regulations and, therefore, put the lives and health of the residents at risk.  The demolition seemingly failed to recognise that the building were the only homes of nearly 200 Roma, half of that number were children.   Only a few months later the Mayor...
Study visit of a Turkish delegation in Bulgaria
Post date: 2015, 6 May
Between 4 and 5 May, a Turkish delegation comprising representatives from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and of two NGOs working in the field of Roma rights, Sıfır Ayrımcılık Derneği (Zero Discrimination Association( and Sosyal Değişim Derneği (Association for Social Change) visited a number of locations of ROMED2/ROMACT in Bulgaria in order to get acquainted with the different models of Roma social inclusion interventions. The ROMED2/ROMACT National Support Team members in...
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