ROMACT TCC- Transnational Working Visit- ISB e.V.(Dortmund) to Plovdiv

From 13 to 17 March, in the frame of ROMACT Transnational Cooperation Component and Capacity Building (TCC) Programme, a team of 5 representatives of ISB.e.V. – Interessengemeinschaft sozialgewerblicher Beschäftigungsinitiativen from Dortmund, Germany visited Sofia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria for a working visit.  The German delegation first joined the representatives of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues in Sofia to discuss the general framework of Roma policies implementation in Bulgaria. In the following days, the ISB. e.V representativesmet the local authorities of Plovdiv and a number of non-governmental organizations in order to devise solutions and tools to address the issues of the Bulgarian citizens that live in Dortmund.

Watch Bulgaria Today interview of ISB.e.V. representatives to learn more (Bulgarian only, from 4'55)


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