Budišov nad Budišovkou – Becoming committed for change

The ROMACT programme began in Budišov nad Budišovkou, Czech Republic started in February 2016.  The ROMACT programme is taking a step by step approach to establish the foundations for constructive and in-depth cooperation between Local Authorities and Roma communities.
In response to the expressed need to improve living conditions of Roma and non-Roma which was put forward by the Roma community through the recently established Community Action group (CAG), the municipality has provided painting supplies for the painting of the common spaces of a local residential building in Berounská Street.  The residents worked together on the building’s improvements and this work demonstrates great progress in establishing good relations between the municipality, Roma and non-Roma communities.
All involved in the project, which saw around 50 residents working collaboratively, welcomed the progress that this project represents.  The Mayor, municipality and Roma community are committed to pursue further renovations which include new mailboxes and railings for the building.
Without doubt this experience has triggered a spirit of partnership between local authorities, Roma and non-Roma communities and this successful first step sets the theme for further positive cooperation and activities that will improve living conditions for disadvantaged Roma communities.
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Team meeting before starting the work.
Budisov nad budisovkou
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