Post date: 2017, 23 June
Activities to develop employment and employability at local levels are a relatively unknown and underused approach. Methods to improve employability and employment opportunities are generally initiated on the national level and they lack the ability to respond to the specific needs that local municipalities and their citizens face. One of the most achievable steps towards local employment development can be found in working to encourage local municipal business expansion. These municipal...
Post date: 2017, 7 March
Efforts of the ROMACT municipalities of Kolackov, Lomnicka, Stropkov and Vrbnica to improve the life of its citizen, including its Roma Communities, using an integrated approach were rewarded this year.   The four villages whose major part of the population are Roma joined ROMACT in 2016 and have demonstrated the deep will of all stakeholders to cooperate to bring positive change for the Roma and the municipality at large.   The grants received from the Ministry of Interior through...
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