democratic governance

Post date: 2013, 26 November
Following a series of launch events in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, the ROMED2 Programme on democratic governance and community participation through mediation was launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 19th November 2013. A broad range of stakeholders took part in the meeting, with the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina represented by Ms Saliha Duderija, also a member of the CAHROM Committee...
Post date: 2013, 11 October
After two years of implementation in 22 countries and over 1000 mediators trained, the ROMED2 Programme is about to be launched. The new approach in ROMED2 is about building up the capacity of Roma communities to participate in democratic governance through mediation. The countries of implementation for this new phase of ROMED are Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and “the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia”. In...
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