Post date: 2016, 6 October
It was an ambitious goal, but the ROMACT T.C.C. mediation training was complete within only two days (3-4 October 2016), instead of three and a half as it is usually required. Organised in cooperation with the Good Relations Office of the Belfast City Council, the session was conducted by Ms Lisa Rose, and involved some 14 participants, representing both public bodies and NGOs from Belfast.  A small number of participants were representatives of the Health Service Executive of...
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Post date: 2016, 28 September
As a result of the call for proposals for the ROMACT Transnational Cooperation Component (T.C.C.) closed on 29 April 2016, mediators’ trainings are organised upon the requests expressed by applicant municipalities under Module B of ROMACT T.C.C – Training of Mediators. The first training under this new component is currently being held in Dortmund, Germany (27-30 September 2016), and is organised in cooperation with ISB Dortmund (Interessengemeinschaft sozialgewerblicher Beschä...
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