Tundja - Final Meeting and Successful ROMACT Programme Conclusion

Mr. Stancho Stavrev, Deputy Mayor of Tundja, provided an overview of the learning, positive experiences and results of the program.
Among these achievements were included: the real improvements in communication and collaboration between the Roma community and local authorities; the inclusion of the community in consultation and decision-making processes; an increase in the capacity and concern of municipal officials with regards to the development of integration policies for the Roma community; an increased interest from the representatives of disadvantaged communities with respect to topics related to intercultural communication, advocacy, marginalization, and the creation and development of NGOs.
However, the most important result, noted by the municipality, was the creation of the Community Action Group (CAG) that actively participated for more than two years to facilitate all betting the implementation of the Municipal Plan for Roma Inclusion (MAPRI), the CAG also encouraged officials to quickly address numerous issues related to this disadvantaged groups.
Another result from the programme is that an acting Municipal Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues was created and includes all stakeholders and the CAG.
Further to Mr. Stavrev’s presentation, Ms. Tatyna Stoyanova, Head of the Department “Culture and Humanitarian activities" provided an overview of the joint MPRI which was implemented both on-time and successfully.
Four of the planned actions are well underway and they are already meeting their concrete outcomes.
iming to reduce poverty and to encourage education and social inclusion, the projects involve more than 40 villages and dozens of schools. A "Centre for home services" was created and is now employing 7 Roma people as social assistants and under the “Together – share care for preschool education of disadvantaged children in small villages” 9 new Roma assistants were recruited.
Ms. Stoyanova ended by emphasizing the ongoing need for more staff and expertise, to meet the Tundja municipality’s active engagement to develop new activities. 
Finally, the CAG noted that there remain two major infrastructure challenges (the Hadzhidimtovo channel and Mogila) are not yet solved due to funding allocation.
Nevertheless, the CAG expressed their overall satisfaction for the good results of the municipality participation in the ROMACT and they committed to continuing to do their utmost to achieve further objectives, in particular, to establish a NGO named "Local active group - Tundja - forward".

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