ROMACT T.C.C. - Call for Intercultural Trainers

The Council of Europe is looking for expert trainers to provide intercultural training to municipal staff participating in the ROMACT Programme’s Capacity Building and Transnational Cooperation component.
This Call falls within the scope of the intercultural training module, which is part of the Transnational Cooperation and Capacity Building Component of the Programme. The overall aim is to assist local authorities in better integrating marginalised people, in particular non-nationals of Roma ethnicity.  Find more information about the ROMACT T.C.C. here.

The trainer will perform the following tasks in accordance with the priorities set up by the ROMACT Programme:

  • - Work closely with municipalities to set up the training programme, including setting a suitable date for the trainer and the municipality;
  • - Perform an ex-ante assessment of the profile and needs of training participants;
  • - Adapt the training curriculum on the basis of the identified needs while respecting the obligatory elements as set out by the ROMACT Programme;
  • - Prepare the local elements of the training, including relevant examples from the field as well as information on local context;
  • - Conduct a 1-day training in the local language;
  • - Contribute to the in-process evaluation and feedback of the training and improvement of curriculum as needed;

Applicants must be confident that they can deliver the content of this training with some guidance and minimal supervision, including developing the content based on participant’s needs and local context. The following is a provisional outline of the training content:

  • - Information about Roma, including culture, history, living conditions and national / local context, recent migratory history;
  • - Intercultural communication skills;
  • - Legal information about rights and entitlements of non-Roma nationals, including EU legislation, European framework and Council of Europe-related recommendations and national legislation regarding access to services for EU and non-EU nationals;

For full details on the profile of the applicant, conditions and application procedures please consult the Call for Intercultural Trainers.
Deadline for applications set to 19 August 2016, Midnight CET.

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