ROMACT TCC- Call for Expression of Interest for Capacity Building and Transnational Cooperation - Deadline 16 July 2018

The Transnational Cooperation and Capacity Building component of the ROMACT programme (ROMACT TCC) aims at assisting local authorities in better integrating marginalised people, in particular non-nationals of Roma ethnicity. It is based on the assumption that local authorities are best placed to identify challenges and needs in their territories as no one-size solution fits all. It also draws on expertise of the Council of Europe, more notably in interventions at local level, intercultural training and Roma mediators training.
ROMACT TCC comprises three modules:
Module A - Intercultural training,
Module B – Mediation training and
Module C – Support for transnational working visits.
This call for expression of interest concerns the Modules A (Intercultural training) and B (Mediation training) of the ROMACT TCC component. The call for proposals for grants  for Module C (Support for transnational working visits) is published here.
Interested municipalities are invited to carefully read the Guidelines, the Guide for applicants and fill in the Application Form.
Deadline for applications is 16 July 2018 at 17:00 CET.

Any questions regarding this Call for Expression of Interest shall be exclusively sent to the following address: .
Selected applicants will implement their activities upon signature of agreements with the Council of Europe, starting after 1 September 2018 and concluding no later than 28 February 2019.

Questions and answers:

Q: In the application form, it is asked if we "Indicate below grants obtained from States or international institutions during the last 2 (two) years (if any)".
- Does this field require that we indicate also grants received from the ROMACT programme ?
- Do you have an indicative list of international institutions that we need to provide grants we received from ?
- What is the reference date for the start of the two years period ?

A: The list must mention every grant that you have received in the last two calendar years, starting with 1 January 2016. The list will include previous grants from ROMACT (where applicable) and every other grant, from all types of organizations (government, national or international organizations).

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