ROMACT Call for Proposals for Capacity Building and Transnational Cooperation

This call concerns the new component of the ROMACT programme which aims at assisting local authorities in better integrating marginalised people, in particular non-nationals of Roma ethnicity.
This component supports capacity building and transnational cooperation activities.
It is based on the assumption that local authorities are best placed to identify challenges and needs in their territories as no one-size solution fits all. It also draws on expertise of the Council of Europe, more notably in interventions at local level, intercultural training and Roma mediators training.
This call for proposals encompasses a range of options to allow applicants to devise an approach tailored to address their needs, within the scope of capacity-building and transnational cooperation.
Interested municipalities are invited to read the Call for proposals, the Guide for applicants and fill in the Application Form attached to this article.
The deadline for applications is set to the 19th  of September 2016 at 17:00 CET
Selected activities can be implemented upon signature of agreements with the Council of Europe starting in November 2016 and must conclude by no later than the 31st of October 2017.


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