Community Action Group in Alesd, Romania, starts "A home for Simona" campaign

On the 30 September, the campaign "A home for Simona" was launched online - an idea initated by the Community Action Group (CAG) in Alesd and put into practice with the support of the ROMACT Romania National Support Team.

The members of the CAG were moved by the particularly difficult situation of one of the Roma citizens in Alesd - Obor, Ms Simona Csonka - a mother of four living in a shack that is on the point of collapsing. 
Her health condition, the scarce employment opportunities, as well as the fact that she had been raising her children alone did not allow for any reparations or improvements on the house.

The aim of the campaign is to gather enough resources (financial but also construction materials, furniture, household objects, clothes and food) to provide Simona's family with a more acceptable living standard.
Both the CAG and the municipality of Alesd support the campaign and already committed, for the former to volunteer on the construction site once the resources gathered, and for the latter to provide services related to the construction site in view of its legalisation.
Any donations are most welcome, you can learn more about this on the website of the campaign and its dedicated Facebook event.
To learn more about the ROMACT process in Alesd, have a look at the Municipality Page


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