Call for Trainers - Call for tenders for provision of intercultural and mediation trainings - Deadline: 28 November 2018

Within the framework of the Joint European Commission and Council of Europe ROMACT Programme, the Council of Europe is issuing a call for tenders for consultants for provision of intercultural and mediation trainings within the Transnational Cooperation and Capacity Building Component of the ROMACT Programme.
Consultants will be expected to provide:

  •   - Intercultural trainings (Module A),
    •   - Mediation trainings (Module B).

For all of the information on this call and details on the procedure please refer to the documents below.
Tender fileAct of Engagement

Questions and answers:

Q: I would like to apply for the tender for the provision of services of consultancy relating to intercultural trainings that is why I would like to request information regarding the location of municipalities where the training session will take place. More concretely, I would like to ask from which countries the target municipalities will be selected.

A: The municipalities where the trainings are held are based on a call for interest which is yet to be carried out. This means that countries where training sessions could be held cannot be determined at this moment.
It could be any EU country that has municipalities where non-nationals of Roma ethnicity live.
Until now trainings have been organized in municipalities in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom.

We would welcome the application of a speaker of Slovakian – or any of the other languages listed in the call for tender – provided that he/she has the required English level.

Q: Does the exclusion level for the daily fees of 250,00 € refer to a full day of training (8-hour workday)?

A: We would like to confirm that daily fees refer to 8-hour workday.

Q: Is it possible to repond to your Call for Tenders not as an individual but as a company? If yes, does this imply that one motivation letter for the whole company is sufficient or would you prefer individual motivation letters for each staff member presumably involved in the Programme?

A: We would like to draw your attention on the fact that, as per Article 6 of the tender rules, “the tenderer must be either a natural person, or a duly registered company under sole proprietorship of a natural person, or equivalent, provided that the signatory of the Act of Engagement is individually liable for all obligations undertaken by the entity, and is the owner of the moral rights in any creations of the entity”.  
This formulation is designed to cover consultants who have formed a company for administrative, tax or other reasons, but still carry out all the work under the contract themselves. Basically, consultants who work as individuals and only invoice as a company.  Please ensure that your company fulfils this criterion before applying otherwise your bid would be ineligible.  


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