Call for Tenders ROMED/ROMACT - Answers to questions posted

IMPORTANT: Please note that the deadline of the Call for Tenders was extended to the 5 October 2015, with a new deadline for posting questions set to the 30 September 2015. The answers to additional questions will be published on both ROMED and ROMACT websites on the 1 October 2015.
As mentioned in the Tender File and the article posted on 14/09/2015, the ROMED and ROMACT Secretariat provides answers to the questions posted by potential bidders.
In response to the first set of questions submitted for the deadline of 22nd of September, the following details can be disclosed:
- hosting is an integral need specified in the tender file but not an exclusion criterion; bidders who cannot ensure hosting but fulfill all other criteria can submit their offers.
- in order for bidders to be able to submit a more finely-tuned offer, specific technical questions on the listed needs under both ROMED and ROMACT lots can still be submitted until the 30th of Septmber. The tender is conceived as "fixed-price" for internal administrative reasons and cannot, unfortunatelly, be altered;
- for specific legal questions concerning the contract appended in PART II - Tender File, the contract attached to the call is for information only. Contractual negotiations will be conducted upon selection. Providers are however invited to indicate their amendment proposal in their bid, to ensure an efficient negotiation process.
In response to the second set of questions submitted for the deadline of 30th of September, the following details can be disclosed:
- Such calls are conducted on a regular basis, in line with the internal regulations of the Council of Europe. The present call is public and open to any company or freelancer who fit the selection criteria.
- Time allocated for the transfer of knowledge and adaptation of a new provider to the system was taken into account under points 1.1.1. and 2.1.1. under each lot. For a better negotiation please state the number of hours you deem necessary for these two lines.
- The bid should include all of the specified documents in the tender call. Should you not be able to submit one or more of the demanded documents, please provide a written justification of your incapacity to do so.
- The CV requested is part of the selection criteria, and it consists of the CV(s) of the staff directly assigned to the project for the duration of the contract. It is a measure which gives a guarantee of the experience of the staff directly working on our websites.
- For any amendments you might see to the bid, in terms of needs not clearly stated and which should be part of the process, please include a written document stating what your needs are and an evaluation of the hourly costs for these.
- Appendix 3 of the Tender Rules is included in the file for your information only. The contract could be amended during the contractual negotiation.

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