Post date: 2017, 24 May
Communities in four Romanian municipalities are celebrating the news that support and intervention projects for Roma communities is on its way.     Sighisoara, Marasesti, Tarnaveni and Vulcan have recently been notified that they were successful in their bids under the European Social Fund’s Human Capital Grants.   Working with our ROMACT team, these municipalities have designed programmes that will assist Roma communities at the highest risk of social exclusion and...
Post date: 2017, 8 March
A series of Community Action Group (CAG) trainings has started in North Western Romanian ROMACT municipalities. Community empowerment and mobilisation are the main focus of these workshops which started in Tarnaveni on 7th March. Tarnaveni has the largest Roma population in Mures County and the training day was attended by representatives from the seven Roma communities of Tarnaveni.  During the training participants shared their perception of what constitutes a developed...
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