General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Kamila Bláhová
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Veronika Knoblochová
David Tiser
Total population: 
38 813
Czech Statistical Office
Roma living in the Municipality: 
3 500
Description of the Municipality: 

Litvínov town is located in the northwestern Bohemian, on the foothills of the Krušné Hory, 110 km from Prague. The Litvínov has in its composition other three localities: Chudeřín, Hamr and Janov.
The Roma population in Litvínov lives mostly in privately owned, rented flats. Roma are struggling with high rate of unemployment, housing and a poor access to education and health services. Housing represents one of the most pressing issues of the Roma people, due to the high density living conditions as well as the impossibility to pay the rent and utilities in a timely manner, due to the lack of jobs. Litvínov, as well as other cities in the Czech Republic has been targeted by anti Roma marches, especially due to the high Roma population that lives in the city.

The ROMACT Process

Litvínov entered the ROMACT process in December 2015 with the signature of the letter of commitment by the Mayor. The CAG was created and soon after started working on the priorities they wanted to work on:
- Public space
- Security
- Children activities

Timeline Points

2 Dec 2015
STEP 1 - BECOMING COMMITTED- Written decision of the Mayor to join the ROMACT Programme


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