Training of Mediators and Social Workers in Ukraine

After two previous groups of mediators trained, a 3rd group started the ROMED Training Programme in Ukraine. From 18 to 20 October 2013 the first session of Training of Mediators and Social Workers in Ukraine took place in Kirovograd. This session, organised by  the International Charitable Organisation Roma Women Fund “Chiricli” had a very strategic approach by providing  training to both mediators and social workers, and acts as a transition from the first phase of ROMED to ROMED2, which will focus on the inclusion of Roma in democratic governance at local level. The administration of the city of Kirovograd expressed a strong political commitment to the implementation of ROMED in their community and hosted the event.

Officials representing various regions in Ukraine, the national parliament and its European Integration Institute, the Ombudsman’s office as well as representatives of international bodies such as the World Health Organisation, and Open Society Foundations participated in the institutional roundtable.

The second training session for this group will take place in March 2014 in Odessa, where the working participatory cycle enshrined within the ROMED curriculum will be evaluated and discussed . The mediator’s and social worker’s actions during the next 6 coming months will be supported by Chiricli”, the ROMED National Focal Point in Ukraine.

A photo gallery of the event is available here.

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