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The population of Roma origin living in Italy is estimated at 200,000 (2011). The proportion of Roma living in households at risk of poverty – almost 100% - is more than twice as high as for the non-Roma (FRA, 2011)
Italy is a parliamentary Republic. The Parliament is bicameral and composed of the Chamber of Deputies (Camera dei deputati) and the Senate (Senato della Repubblica), each having equal powers. None of the chambers officially represent local and regional authorities. The Government is led by the Prime Minister (Presidente del consiglio dei ministri) and the Head of State is the President of the Republic (Presidente della Repubblica).
In Italy, 6 municipalities are currently participating in the ROMACT Programme: Agropoli, Bari, Garbagnate Milanese, Prato, Pavia, Trento.
At the end of May 2016, ROMACT cycle was closed in Milan and Naples.


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