Post date: 2017, 30 January
Mr. Stancho Stavrev, Deputy Mayor of Tundja, summarised the experiences gained and the positive results of the program. Among these : a real improvement of the communication and collaboration between Roma community and local authorities; the inclusion of the community in the process of consultation and decision-making ; an increased capacity and concern of the municipal officials to develop integration policies for the Roma community ; a bigger interest of the representatives of disadvantaged...
Post date: 2016, 28 January
The ROMACT Programme has been implemented in Tundzha since October 2013 with results benefitting to all citizens of this municipality located in the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria.     Thanks to the support of the ROMACT Programme, but also to the commitment of the Municipality administration as well as of the Roma communities, a common working front was built with the aim to improve access to education and employment especially for young people, in this area where more than 50% of...
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