Bucharest, 6th Sector

Post date: 2015, 5 June
The Community Action Group formed through the ROMED2 Programme in Giulesti (Bucharest 6th sector) was involved in the organization of an informal Roma women’s meeting at the Roma Culture Museum on 30 May 2015 - a round of exchanges with other initiative groups from Ferentari, Mizil, Spantov, Valea Seaca and Giurgiu. The purpose of the event? The need to bring together the different experiences of the initiatives taken by Roma women. The event was part of the project “Phenja –...
Photo: Liliya Makaveeva
Post date: 2015, 15 January
Elaboration of the joint planning finalized successfully in Shumen Report by Liliya Makaveeva, ROMED/ROMACT National Project Officer for Bulgaria On the 15 of January 2015, the Working Group consisting of 13 employees from the administration of the Municipality of Shumen under the leadership of Deputy Mayor Zhivka Toneva and the Community  Action Group established within the framework of EC and  CoE ROMED and ROMACT Joint Programmes finalized successfully the joint elaboration of the...
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