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A home for Simona (Alesd, Romania): latest developments

Since our last update on 8 November, new developments took place in Alesd for Simona’s house. The foundation of the house is now complete, and a local priest will provide all the bricks needed for the construction. Thanks to the mobilization, a construction company also offered to do the insulation of the building, the walls plastering and to set up all the electrical system. The Municipality of Alesd will be in charge of building the roof of the house and the ROMACT Community Action Group offered to continue volunteering on the construction site until Simona’s home is finally completed.

Simona’s house in Alesd, Romania under construction

Simona and her children couldn’t have gone through another winter in the cottage they called home.

“We have more and more local administrations that want to work with us” - SRSG for Roma Issues on ROMACT

In the premises of the Council of Europe (CoE) office in Brussels, Valeriu Nicolae, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the CoE (SRSG) for Roma issues talked about ROMACT and ROMED as successful long-term programmes that bring about concrete results at local level: “We have more and more local administrations that want to work with us and develop plans for social inclusion of Roma, which is very much in line with the Framework Strategies for Roma inclusion.”

Romania – school transport fees for children to be covered by the government

The Romanian Government has recently approved a new measure meant to encourage children to stay in school, in particular children coming from the most disadvantaged families.
Since in Romania over 125 000 children were commuting on a daily basis during the last school year and that these type of costs are one of the main reasons why disadvantaged children drop out of school, the measure comes as a practical way to alleviate the financial burden of the poorest of families. Transporters will thus provide free subscriptions to pupils, which will then be reimbursed by the government for distances of up to 50 km.

Vaccination and information campaigns initiated by CAGs in Romania

There is progress in ROMACT participant municipalities as they implement a new vaccination and information campaign. Due to the time required to clear necessary procedures for infrastructure projects, the wait can be rather long, so the Community Action Groups (CAG) in several locations in Romania chose to address some of their short-term priorities with measures that require little or no budgeting and which can be conducted immediately. Such was the case in Calvini and Ramnicelu where vaccination and information campaigns were led over the past few months.  The vaccination and information campaigns address health-related priorities that were identified by the CAG and this action demonstrates that the Roma community can be engaged and mobilised with tangible results achieved.

Community Action Group mobilises Roma community for cleaning action in Turda, Romania

The Community Action Group (CAG) in Turda, representing residents of Barbu Lautaru Street, has been active since the beginning of 2016. With the guidance of the ROMACT facilitator, they have identified long-term and short-term priorities, a number of which they have already been able to address themselves.

Community Action Group in Alesd, Romania, starts "A home for Simona" campaign

On the 30 September, the campaign "A home for Simona" was launched online - an idea initated by the Community Action Group (CAG) in Alesd and put into practice with the support of the ROMACT Romania National Support Team.

The members of the CAG were moved by the particularly difficult situation of one of the Roma citizens in Alesd - Obor, Ms Simona Csonka - a mother of four living in a shack that is on the point of collapsing. 
Her health condition, the scarce employment opportunities, as well as the fact that she had been raising her children alone did not allow for any reparations or improvements on the house.

Romania – Extension of deadline for applications for POCU 4.1

The Romanian Ministry of European Funds has recently announced the extension to 15 september 2016 of the deadline for applications for the call for projects within the Operational Program Human Capital (POCU) 1, 2 and 3.
These call for projects are financed under the specific objectives 4.1 Local Integrated Development in marginalized communities with a Roma minority and 4.2 Local Integrated Development in marginalized communities.
This announcement is of particular importance to ROMACT municipalities in Romania since many have prepared or are in the process of preparing the necessary documentation for applications to POCU 4.1, with the assistance of the ROMACT National Support Team and Community Action Groups.

Romania – Breakthrough simplifications of procedures for child registration

29/06/2016 The Romanian government has just issued an Emergency Ordinance meant to simplify bureaucratic procedures. One of the measures should have a positive impact on Roma communities and in particular on the issue of lack of Identification Documents (IDs).
Previously, procedures required the registration of the child within 15 days after birth and at least one of the parents needed to present an ID. Within one year of the birth, registration was still possible with the agreement of local authorities. The procedure would further complicate after the one-year deadline as it would have to go through the judicial system.

ROMACT training for municipal staff in Romania

After a first session on project management and European Structural and Investment Funds accessing process in the view of Roma inclusion in January in Tecuci, a new capacity building training was organised from 11 until 13 March in Buzau.


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